Thursday, January 24, 2008

Twin Mountain

The New Year’s Resolutions are already forgotten by most of us, and about now, we are becoming anxious for spring. In fact, some of us are getting cabin fever because of the extreme cold and getting tired of all the mounds of snow outside.

Changing your home décor ever so slightly with something new can help fight winter doldrums. Twin Mountain Collections woodmeister says “simple things that help you get the house organized are best and give everything a lift.” He says it might even save one of your resolutions by getting better organized in 2008 (you remember that resolution, right?). The best news is not all home decorating ideas require a lot of time and money.

The woodmeister came up with a short list of decorating ideas to quickly update any room of your home. If you are looking for some affordable decorating and organizing solutions to freshen up a room over a weekend, try these five ideas from our woodmeister’s list:

  1. Group Figurines. Are they stored away in a box? Get your favorite collectibles or keepsakes out and show off your personality. Display your treasures on small shelf units. Group related figurines together and put three or five on a shelf. Remember to display only what is necessary.
  1. Eliminate Clutter. Clutter has a way of making things feel messy and unorganized. Find storage places to sewing supplies, cookbooks and other items that take away from the personality of your room.
  1. Transform a blank corner or wall. Add nostalgic advertising signs that reflect your personality. Try frames that are ornate. Cluster several mirrors and signs to create a nice view or interesting arrangement for your kitchen or family room.
  1. Decorative Boxes, Jars, or Glass Bottles. Place small decorative containers throughout your home (kitchen, bath, bedrooms, or den) for an artistic touch and a place to store small things. These items complement every decorating style and display easy on tables, shelves, counters or anywhere for added dimension.
  1. Kitchen Decorating. Today’s kitchen is a busy place and has a ton of tools we use daily. This requires more you than money. You want décor items that keep things at your fingertips and still make your kitchen feel cozy. Your decorating display options can include collectibles, antiques, and anything else that matches your personality and offer practical solutions.

Twin Mountain Collections in New Hampshire offers an outstanding collection of handcrafted all natural wood accessories that are bound to solve a handful of organizing issues you have been trying to solve. Styles of our home accessories are designed simply, feature clean-lines and provide utilitarian functionality.

In addition to finely crafted wooden accessories, Twin Mountain Collections offers a fabulous selection of authentically-style antique replicas that captures the essence of by-gone-days including items like an old fashion letter-box with storage, country rooster pitcher, cast-iron bookshelf/doll park bench, and cast iron hand-painted woodpecker doorknock to 1923 Trolley Coke Four-seasons reproduction signs.

About Twin Mountain Collections
All wood products are made by hand at Twin Mountain Collections’ New Hampshire woodworking shop. Everything is made from real wood, and pressed woods are never use. The finishing process is a multiple step process using either a special formula hand-developed stain to bring out the natural beauty of the wood or classic painted country colors are used on products. Other stains or washes are available upon request and may require additional time to complete.

Following in a family tradition, Logemann continues a long legacy of woodworkers from a great-grandfather in the Black Forest of Germany to grandfather to father and now to a son. Mr. Logemann formerly operated a gift specialty store in Virginia before locating to New Hampshire. Logemann’s workshop is located in the heart of the White Mountains of New Hampshire. For more information contact Olde Twin Mountain Country store in Mirror Lake, New Hampshire at 800-405-3005 or view our catalog at