Sunday, September 21, 2008

Beautiful Handcrafted Home Accessories

Goldfinches are known to decorated their nests with a spray of forget-me-nots in the interest of promoting a happy home life. You can do the same as the Goldfinches with beautiful handcrafted home accessories. The accessories are simple and great-looking items perfect for your kitchen, dinning or bath rooms in a variety of styles from country-style, north-woods to colonial looks.

Take for example, the Americana Spice and Herb Rack Cabinet which lets you keep both large and small bottles neatly arranged and ready to use on a moments notice. This handsome wooden spice rack is a great way to store 68 spices neatly together and is a more efficient way to utilize space in your kitchen.

Perhaps you are seeking the look of "the north" for your kitchen? The north-woods is a perfect look for today's kitchens. Twin Mountain Collections offers a collection of north themes items to complete the look in your kitchen. The north-woods look is wonderful with the cut of a Christmas tree and cabin.

Or, select the honey-stained moose caddy that holds spoons or measuring cups nearby your stove. Together they are a wonderful look in the kitchen.

Whether you are sprucing up or remodeling your bathroom then select a hair caddy to store your hair tools, curling iron and hair blower. You can pick from a choice of 6 different hair caddies to transform a boring bathroom. You will find a decorative finish of a caddy that fits your living space perfectly.

These fine and ever-changing collections are delightfully made by the woodmeister just for you. He selects beautiful, all-natural wood to fit the hair caddy, the small shelf, or the paper towel holder. Each item is hand-made in his workshop with care. After assembling, he gentle wipes and rubs each item to a perfect shine with either a custom honey-tone stain, or country-paints. Then he adds brass fixtures to embellish the final look of these accessories making them come alive for you.

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Just email the woodmeister at Quality is important for the woodmeister and the Our Products are made in the USA. He is proud to provide the finest quality, handcrafted gifts that will withstand the test of time.

About Twin Mountain Collections

Twin Mountain Collections is a company operated in Mirror Lake, New Hampshire among the tall Popular, Maple, Pine and Spruce trees. The woodmeister is the legacy of fine woodcrafters from great-grandfather in Germany's Black Forest to grandfather then father and now a son in America.

Each item is made from handpicked wood pieces and carefully carved. Each piece is handcrafted and this individual touch of craftsmanship is evident in the items. There are no veneers, molded substitutes or assembly lines with large machines stamping out "cookie-cutter" products. The woodmeister assures every person that their item in uniquely made for them.

All of Twin Mountain Collection products are made in the USA and the woodmeister is proud to continue to provide the finest quality, handcrafted furnishings and accessories that will withstand the test of time.

The workshop is located in the heart of the White Mountains of New Hampshire. For more details go to or contact Olde Twin Mountain Country store in Mirror Lake, New Hampshire at 800-405-3005.