Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Woman’s Spring Cleaning Turns into Sprucing up Her Kitchen in Grand Style

A Woman’s Spring Cleaning Turns into Sprucing up
Her Kitchen in Grand Style

Its spring and a woman’s heart turns into thoughts of spring cleaning and sprucing up her kitchen in style.  When that happens, she automatically thinks of beautiful wooden spice and herb racks, salt and pepper shakers sets and towel racks to put in her kitchen.  Lucky for her, she can find just the perfect kitchen accessories at Twin Mountain Collections she wants to use.

       If she is fond of using herbs and spices then the “New Americana Farmhouse” spice rack is right for her to have near the stove.  The home chef wants to keep her spices and herbs at her finger tips ready to use quickly.  This honey-stained wooden spice rack will pamper your chef with 42 glass jars and all are easy to reach.  The size of this spice rack is 37"L x 16.50"W x 4"D (3"D Shelves).  The price is awesome for the New Americana Farmhouse spice rack at $119.66 for the summer.

      Perhaps the chef is looking for something a little simpler in mind that will hold everything in one spot.
The “Country Classic” towel, shelf and a rack for herbs and spices is the key that makes this chef happy as she cooks up her favorite supper dishes?  It is handsomely designed with a top shelf to store favorite tools like measuring cups, then right under the top shelf is the herb and spice rack to store 8 to 10 bottles of fresh spices.  To top all of that off, the unit has a wonderful spot to hold a roll of paper towels.  Everything she wants and needs are all right there by the stove.
      Since spices are on her mind, she decides to focus on the salt and pepper shaker sets for the kitchen table.  What she has in mind for the table is a classic set which holds the salt and pepper along with a napkin and toothpick holder. Twin Mountain Collections offers a pretty honey-stained wooden set that features glass bell-shaped salt and pepper shakers along with a wooden toothpick holder.
      The woman of the house also keeps her coffee and tea cups on the counter ready to use at any time she wishes.  She keeps four cups waiting to be used from a honey-stained counter cup holder unit.  It is a wonderfully made counter unit which stands about 15 inches high and only 7 inches wide with four crafted pegs to hold each cup.  The cup holder costs only $16.16 for the summer time.

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