Friday, May 9, 2008

Buy Online Hair-care Caddies

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May 2008

Buy Online Hair-care Caddies At

Most bathrooms are used by multiple users and require extra care to keep things organized. You can easily transform your bathroom into a place of peace and harmony with a little organization. Installing a hair caddy will change your life…...or at least, put your mind at peace as to where you can store your hair blower, flat iron, and curling iron in one spot without creating clutter.

Twin Mountain Collections offers six different hair care caddy models to select from. These beautiful wooden caddies are well designed to accommodate a blow dryer, curling iron or other hair care appliances and some models have storage spots for combs and brushes.

Your favorite tools are ready and at finger tip reach when you need you hair blower or other tools. The caddy is actually a very affordable solution to your clutter dilemma. The caddy will keep your bathroom counter tidy and it installs easy to the wall.

About Twin Mountain Collections

All wood products are made by hand at Twin Mountain Collections' New Hampshire woodworking shop. Everything is made from natural solid wood --- pressed woods are never used to make an item.

The beautiful stained finishing process is a multiple step process. The woodmeister uses either a special formula hand-mixed wood stain to bring out the natural beauty of the wood or he selects classic country color paints to use on products. Other stains or washes are available upon request and may require additional time to complete.

Following in a family tradition, Twin Mountain Collections continues a long legacy of woodworkers from a great-grandfather in the Black Forest of Germany to grandfather to father and now to a third generation son. The woodworking shop is located near the picturesque White Mountains of New Hampshire. For more information contact Olde Twin Mountain Country store in Mirror Lake, New Hampshire at 800-405-3005 or view our catalog at .You will find an array of bathroom caddies with different storage features and price ranges. Select the caddy suiting your bathroom needs and order ONLINE. ###