Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Neat and Pretty Kitchen because of Twin Mountain Collections

A Neat and Pretty Kitchen because of Twin Mountain Collections’ Country Classic Paper Towel Holders

Keeping things neat and pretty is important for any cook. The most important thing to keep handy is paper towels to help a cook keep the kitchen or Bar-B-Que clean and neat. Twin Mountain Collections offers several classic paper towel holders to cooks.

One towel holder is the Country Classic Shelf with space for the herbs and spices you use the most, and has a spot to hang a roll of paper towels. It is a great necessity for your kitchen because it saves counter space and keeps towels easy to reach. The Country Classic Shelf, which is made from all natural wood, is the perfect kitchen accent and on special for $35.96.

Another functional American made heirlooms for the kitchen is the hanging paper towel holder (Item # 421) for the wall. This honey stained wooden paper towel holder is quickly installed where you need it the most by the stove or counter area where you prepare foods. The size is 5 ¾ x 6 ¼ and 19 ½ so it will fit in just about any place you pick. The price is only $16.16.

Tear off your paper towel by using this Country Counter Paper Towel Holder (#422) in either the kitchen or the bar-b-que. This honey-stained wooden dowel paper towel holder is perfect to use to keep your cooking area clean. It sits where you put it down making this paper towel holder convent to use anywhere. The size is 7 x7 x 15 ½.

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About Twin Mountain Collections

Twin Mountain Collections is a company operated in Mirror Lake, New Hampshire among the tall Popular, Maple, Pine and Spruce trees. The woodmeister is the legacy of fine woodcrafters from great-grandfather in Germany's Black Forest to grandfather then father and now a son in America.

Each item is made from handpicked wood pieces and carefully carved. Each piece is handcrafted and this individual touch of craftsmanship is evident in the items. There are no veneers, molded substitutes or assembly lines with large machines stamping out "cookie-cutter" products. We assure every person that their item in uniquely made for them.

All of Twin Mountain Collection products are made in the USA and the Twin Mountain Collections are proud to continue to provide the finest quality, handcrafted furnishings and accessories that will withstand the test of time.

The workshop is located in the heart of the White Mountains of New Hampshire. For more details go to or contact

Olde Twin Mountain Country store in Mirror Lake, New Hampshire

at 800-405-3005.

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